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First-class leadership training!

For more than 15 years Ellen Liverød Aasmundtveit at Execu has been responsible for designing and developing the Menu chain's internal trainee programme. Over 300 trainees from all over Norway have been through the programme, with nine out of ten becoming managers after completing their training.

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First-class leadership training!

- What is so unique about Ellen is that she designs the programs adapted to our needs, in close dialogue with HR. This way, both parties can feel confident that it will be the way we want. Here there is no solo race!

The statement belongs to Line Beate Jebsen, HR Director at the MENY-chain for 22 years. Ellen was already at that time engaged as a course keeper for various training initiatives. However, the collaboration quickly expanded, and Ellen took primary responsibility for the trainee program in MENY. She is thus a significant influencer of talent development in the chain.

MENY is Norway's leading supermarket chain, with nearly 200 stores and 10,000 employees. The trainee programme is highly sought after, with only a third of applicants getting a place each year.

Many young people come to the Menu chain, and it is in our DNA to spot the talents, says Jebsen. “There are many development opportunities with us — some of our employees work with us alongside studies such as Retail Management at BI. It is important for us to take care of the talents after graduation, and the trainee program can be a way to continue development.

First-class leadership training!
First-class leadership training!

There was actually a master's thesis written about young people working in MENY. This concluded that these felt they were receiving good social training in a safe setting, supported by older and more experienced colleagues.

After completing the program, participants can go straight into managerial positions, preferably as managers of various departments or as assistant store managers. Line Beate Jebsen laughs: “They would rather become a boss right away, many are quite impatient. But this journey makes them mature. I usually introduce the programs with that “This is an apprenticeship in management”.

Becoming adults

On MENY's website there are several interviews with former participants in the program. It is striking to hear how humble the new leaders are, how aware they are of their own limitations and what they can improve on.

One of the main intentions of the program is to be able to put into words their own development potential,” says Jebsen. “During the ten months of the program, they focus on topics such as recruitment, personnel management and financial understanding. But the biggest thing is Ellen's collections in personal development. This is where the big endings happen, and this is also what most people point out as most useful in the aftermath. They become more reflected and mature during this year.

First-class leadership training!
First-class leadership training!

Between the collections there is training in the shop to which they belong, where everyone has their own mentor. Participants have set their own work goals and are given work tasks to be carried out in the shop. They also visit other stores to experience different leadership styles and other ways of solving tasks.

It's a demanding program,” says Jebsen. “The learning curve is steep, and participants learn a lot. They must therefore master Norwegian to a certain extent. It is fun to see that this has motivated many of our foreign employees to take Norwegian courses, and then apply to the trainee program.

Constantly evolving

Jebsen boasts of Ellen's forward-leaning attitude.

She has helped develop MENY's leadership platform, constantly finding new techniques and methods for better learning. During Covid, she digitized the collections, and this has meant that now, after Covid, we still use this technique for digital collections in small groups between meetings — a completely new addition to the program, says Jebsen enthusiastically.

The groups are put together based on what Ellen sees that the various participants need to be challenged on. Halfway through the program, she reshuffles, and new constellations are formed that provide good training in dealing with new relationships. Participants are pushed out of their comfort zone.

Here Ellen is absolutely amazing, continues Jebsen. “She dares to challenge and is no ordinary course taker — she gets to know each one, and triggers them on what they need to learn more about. Ellen becomes a mentor of sorts, and more people will probably think of her as a significant person on their path to becoming an adult.

First-class leadership training!
First-class leadership training!

Along the way, there are homework assignments, before the training ends with a written exam. Finally, everyone gathers for a solemn certification with the management of MENY in attendance.

Jebsen says that they are particularly pleased with Ellen's way of stepping into each participant's development. Through frequent conversations, the HR Director is involved in the progress and development.

- She really cares about them and is real committed. I'd say she's especially good with young talent -- warm and generous, while being distinct and empowered. At the conclusion, many of the participants convey great gratitude to Ellen, for the way she has mentored them.

- For her, it's more than just a job. She continues to educate herself and learn new things. I'd love to have two Ellen's, and run twice as many programmes, 'she laughs.

Line Beate Jebsen sees no limitations to Ellen's applications.

- She can hold such programs in any industry! She tailors the scheme together with the customer, and I can promise that she is dedicated,” she says, concluding with:

- I really recommend Ellen's expertise and commitment to all forms of development programs, whether it be at the leadership and team level or at the individual level.

First-class leadership training!

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