Privacy Policy

This section is intended to explain how the website collects data, what we may use or potentially use this information for, and explain what you can do to control the use of this information.

What information is recorded about you as a user

When you visit Execu AS online, various types of information about you as a user are recorded:

  • Your location, using IP address, location data or similar
  • Your web behavior, such as which pages you visit and how often, or products you order
  • Technical information about your browser and operating system

How the site collects and stores information about you

Information about you as a user is captured and stored using cookies (also known as cookies). A cookie is a small file that can be stored on your machine. Your IP address is automatically anonymised and is not intercepted by us administering the website. All data traffic between your browser and subcontractors' servers is encrypted and stored with strict data security requirements.

How I use the data collected

Data about your web behavior is used for several purposes: Tactical and analytical purposes — in order to learn from your and other users' behavior, I use the data so that I can improve the site's functionality, user experience and content.


In order to provide you with relevant and personalized marketing offers, we occasionally use the data to direct more relevant content to you. The Personal Data Act and related concessions and the Marketing Act regulate the further use of customer data for this purpose.

Marketing on other websites

With the help of cookies issued by third parties (third party cookies), you may experience receiving marketing messages from us, based on the content and pages you have visited on our website, so-called remarketing. These cookies contain only aggregated information and no information that can identify you as a user.

Your control over the use of information from your browser

Through your browser settings, you can control whether or not you want to accept cookies. If you want your browser not to disclose information about your web behavior, you can change the settings in your browser. Please note that this may make it problematic for you to use some websites, including our website. If you wish to retain the benefits of accepting cookies from the website, but wish to opt-out of how this cookie is used for marketing purposes, you can control this by using Google's advertising settings or by registering the site on the Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page.

We use cookies and your data to improve our website, customize and measure advertising, content and communications. You can control what data we process by manage cookies and read more in our privacy statement.